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Meet our team....

Mrs Dayus (Class teacher)

Mr Rivett (Class teacher)

Mrs Fay (Science teacher) Wed pm

Mrs Warman (Teaching assistant)

Mrs Whitman (Support assistant)

Miss Read (Support assistant)


Our class assembly will be on 23rd March.


Important information:

* P.E

We have P.E every Tuesday and Thursday. Can you please ensure that a named P.E kit is in school.

* Reading

Please read every night with your child and complete the reading diary. We will change your child's book when the diary entry is completed.


Today in 1DR we did the Joe Wicks (Body Coach) school workout. We got our muscles moving and our hearbeats racing! Well done 1DR!

Enchanted Forest


This topic will lead us through traditional tales, such as Little Red Riding Hood, deep into the dark, dense forest where we might find elves, fairies and goblins!



Come in through the magic door and meet the strange and wonderful people in the Enchanted Forest. We have been on a woodland walk and created some amazing magical spaces for play and learning in the classrooms. Please come in and take a look.



 We enjoyed acting out the story of Little Red Riding Hood! Can you guess who we are?


Friday the 3rd of March. 


Paws, Claws and Whiskers


February 2017


We had freezing fun at Twycross Zoo despite the snow. The penguins were eating fish and swimming in the freezing water. The bonobos stayed in the warm. They were so funny. We even got to see Mrs Mercer's favourite...the Amur leopard.











We read Mr Tiger Goes Wild and compared the different settings of the grey, drab town where everything was the same and the green, nolsy jungle where the cool waterfall splashed into deep lagoons.



We have learned the difference between herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.


January 2017


We started the topic with a fascinating visit from the veterinary nurses from Clent Hills Vets Practice. The children asked lots of questions and got to try on some of the important medical equipment they use.






We used the Learn Pads to explore different animal habitats. Did you know that lions don't live in jungles? They live in African grasslands and you can hear their roar from five miles away.


Out of This World


We have had a fantastic time making our moon buggies using cardboard boxes and moving wheels.


 The topic started with weather watching and exploring the seasons. We made pin wheels and learned about Francis Beaufort and the wind speed scale. Then we had visual literacy with the film Partly Cloudy. The children made puppets and produced some excellent writing. We read The Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert and created our own leaf men with resources from the sensory garden.




Marvellous Me


The children enjoyed finding out about their senses and the parts of the body. 



We hope you had a lovely holiday and look forward to seeing you on Monday the 5th of September. Keep checking our class page for photographs and information. Our first topic is Marvellous Me and we would love to see any photographs of you and your family. If you have any baby photos please bring them in. We would also like to invite your family to a picnic on Friday 23rd of September at 11.45am.

Parents evening will be on the 9th and 10th of November.




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