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Wednesday 27th January

Tuesday 12th January 

Pirates attacked Catshill First School on Wednesday 6th January when Year 2 held their Pirates Day. We were boarded by dozens of Year 2s wearing costumes and they were well-prepared for their day of being pirates!


They had to be accepted as part of the crew by writing Pirate poems that showed what they thought what values a pirate 

needed to have. Then they took part in a Maths addition treasure hunt before having to follow clues around the school to discover who actually stole their treasure. It turned out to be the wicked Pirate Nicholls from the Office!

Our pirates then starred in their own movie trailers which we hope to soon have premiere on this very website.

Thanks you so much to all the parents for helping with costumes and well done to all the children who made the day memorable and fun. We have plenty of topic left so look forward to our Pirate Poetry workshop on Thursday 14th January and hope you have fun becoming Home Learning Heroes with the tasks on the curriculum newsletter. 

         Happy New Year! We hope you have had a lovely Christmas.

Spring 1 This half term our topic is Land Ahoy. We are looking forward to finding out all about a pirate's life.


Please be aware of the following dates:

 Wednesday 6th January – Pirate Dress Up Day. We will be making things to wear and props to use on the first day back (Tuesday 5th January). If any pupils have a costume, they are more than welcome to wear this as well.

 Thursday 14th January – Pirates Pirates Pirates Poetry Workshop for parents and carers! You are invited in to school at 2:00pm to participate in an English workshop that will explore vocabulary and create some poetry.

 Tuesday 9th February – Parents and carers come and join the Year Two Pirate Crew! Come and see all of our work on pirates at 2:00pm, particularly our secret story based on The Pirates Next Door.

In more exciting news, we have also been chosen to participate in a Dance show that will be held at Bromsgrove School in March. We will be learning our dance over the next half term with Emma from Epic Dance Academy.

Here are some photographs from Autumn 1.

                Making a healthy fruit salad.                                              




Autumn 2 Towers, tunnels and turrets

We already have our visit to Warwick Castle planned and have plenty of other exciting projects coming up that will explore stories set in castles, life in a castle, how to build a castle and what you might need to do to become a knight, prince or princess.

This is how you might help:

  • If you have any books or stories involving castles then have a read of them and send them in for our Topic corners.
  • If anyone has any castle toys that we could borrow to use as display and to enhance learning through role play then we would really appreciate them.
  • If you want to have a go at any castle artwork over the holiday then feel free to bring this in.

You will have more ideas on how to be a Home Learning Hero after half term.

Please ensure that your child is reading over the holiday and that Reading Records are completed.

Many thanks to all those have read with their child, completed home learning projects, came to Parents Evening and came to our Disgusting Morning.

Have a good holiday!


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December 2015

Thanks to all who contributed to and attended our performances of Prickly Hay. Fantastic effort by all! Special thanks to Harry for scenery and seating, Mr Partridge for the hay and Co-Op for refreshments.

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