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Here you can access this year's Curriculum Newsletters and Home Learning:

1M Curriculum Newsletter and Home Learning Summer 1 2016

1M Curriculum Newsletter and Home Learning Spring 2 2016

1M Curriculum Newsletter Spring 1 2016

Year 1 Home Learning Spring 1 2016

1M Curriculum Newsletter Autumn 2 2015

Year 1 Home Learning Autumn 2 2015

1M Curriculum Newsletter Autumn 1 2015

1M Home Learning Autumn 1 2015

 Important Information 

PE Tuesday and Thursday

Fun Phonics

Thank you to everyone who has been practising our new sounds at home. If you have read and spelt the words, try putting them into a silly sentence or making your own list of rhyming words. You can also use www.phonicsplay.co.uk to play games using them.


All Things Wild Friday 8th July 2016

Fantastic day had by all! We met some living relatives of the dinosaurs, then went in search of the giant 'terrible lizards' as we stepped through time. We learned so much and had great fun too. Thanks for your continued support as educational visit this wonderful could not happen without you!










Land Before Time June 2016

The children have hit the ground running with our new topic and the Dinosaur Den in constant use. We have already received home learning from the keenest dinosaur hunters and our budding palaeontologists are excavating some exciting new fossils - we made our own from clay! We also discovered a dinosaur egg on Key Stage 2 playground which hatched into our very own baby Tyrannosaurus Rex. He does not have a name yet. We would love your suggestions! We are really looking forward to Enterprise Week with lots of money making ideas floating around. This half term is proving very busy with Sports Day and the trip to All Things Wild to look forward to. Raaaaargh!


Thursday 21st April             Happy Birthday Your Majesty!

We had great fun, attending the royal photo shoot. We have found out a lot of information about the Queen and the royal family. Today we held a birthday party in her honour.


We received a very special delivery of Crown Jewels!


Year 1 are thoroughly enjoying the new topic 'Bright Lights, Big City' and have already produced some excellent home learning. Thank you!



4th February 2016

  Details of Year 1 Superhero Day - click here

Wow! What a fantastic Superhero Day! We had an unwelcome visit from Professor Slime after Open the Book assembly. 


He told us he had captured Miss Brown and we had to follow the clues to get her back. He also threatened Mrs Plant with his slimeball!


Luckily, we found his secret maps and discovered the letters to spell out THE NEST, so we all rushed in to rescue the damsel in distress. We wrote letters to all the teachers, warning them that he was on the loose, and experimented with slime he had left around school.

4th January 2016

Happy New Year and welcome back to a new term of SUPER learning. Our new topic is The Incredibles and we are very excited about our Superhero Hunt. Keep your eyes peeled for Spiderman swinging down the corridor and Superman flying across the playground!


December 2015

Thanks to all who contributed to and attended our performances of Prickly Hay. Fantastic effort by all! Special thanks to Harry for scenery and seating, Mr Partridge for the hay and Co-Op for refreshments.


20th October 2015

WOW! We are so proud of Hexagons for ordering their twos to 100 into a spiral. Fantastic teamwork!

15th October 2015

It's Maths Week! Today our challenge was to count objects or shapes in our hoops. Which do you think was the highest number?


We also created numbers to 50 using conkers, leaves and sticks. Come in and see the whole number line outside the library.

Year 1 had a brilliant afternoon outside building houses for the Three Little Pigs. 

We fixed Baby Bear's chair when Goldilocks left it in our class with a note attached:

We also enjoyed making porridge for Goldilocks and decided golden syrup made it taste 'just right'. Mummy Bear's was far too salty!



Thank you to everyone who has brought in Memory Boxes so far. What would you put in yours?

Please use the tools here to help with your learning at home


We are learning to solve problems using addition and subtraction. It is really important to remember pairs of numbers with totals up to 10. Search online for number bond games. We love number bond aliens on TES Iboard.

How you can help

  • Encourage children to use the language of mathematics i.e. how many, altogether, multiply, divide, groups of, shared between

  • Use number cards to develop number recognition to 100.

  • Let them help with jobs which involve calculating, eg how much does it cost? How much more do we need?

  • Use Numeracy resources on this page to lock in the learning at home.

Useful Numeracy games:

Number bonds to 10, 20 and 100:





Place value



In Literacy we are looking at:

  • Phonics - Letters and sounds Phase 5

  • Tricky words

  • Reading

  • Fiction Stories

  • Recounts

How you can help

  • Look in the book bag each night and spend a few minutes reading a book in there. 

  • Use the Phonics pages in the reading record to practice the sounds - you could look for the sounds in their reading book together.

  • Use the Phonics resources on Class CM's web page to secure phonics knowledge at home.

Click here to view the high frequency words we are learning.

Useful Literacy websites:


Phonics Play http://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/Phase5Menu.htm

ICT Games http://www.ictgames.com/soundButtons/index.html


Oxford Owl  http://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/home/reading-owl/reading


These websites are useful for our learning and can be accessed at home



5th June 2015

We had a lovely day at All Things Wild. The children wrote amazing recounts of the day that are well worth a read. Please come in and read your child's work before or after school. We discovered some  life-sized dinosaurs aand climbed inside a real helicopter. The Dino Barn was filled to bursting with models, images and facts about these prehistoric beasts. The day even inspired our creative writing this week about one of the models dinosaurs coming to life.



3rd June 2015

Thank you for all the support for Wheels Day. Daniel's family appreciate the continued fundraising efforts. It was also a delight to watch the children demonstrating their  skills. A particular mention for Emily, who amazed us all with her skating expertise! Here is a link to the fundraising site if you or your family and friends would like to donate further.

Daniel's Wish To Walk

May 2015

Class CM have discovered some interesting facts about the Great Fire of London. Click on the link to play an informative game and help put out the fire.

14th April 2015

This half term we will be exploring the City of London. We are very excited about our 'Royal Engagement' with Queen Elizabeth II tomorrow. The children have been researching her on the internet and practising their bows and curtseys. It is almost Her Majesty's birthday so perhaps we could bring balloons and cakes to celebrate!

February 2015

This half term, we are learning about weather and landscapes through our topic Splendid Skies. We began our topic with The Big Balloon Launch on Friday 13th February.


Unfortunately, the weather was awful and our balloons bobbed sadly around the playground! But the teachers were able to let the balloons fly after school (maybe you saw them float past). There were a couple that got stuck in our Tulip Tree. Take a look on Monday to see if they are still there!


 KS1 Space Challenge Day

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