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KS2 Curriculum Newsletter and Home Learning Autumn 1 2016

KS2 Curriculum Newsletter and Home Learning Summer 1 2016

KS2 Curriculum Newsletter and Home Learning Spring 2 2016

KS2 Curriculum Newsletter Spring 1 2016

KS2 Home Learning Spring 1 2016

KS2 Curriculum Newsletter Autumn 2 2015

KS2 Home Learning Autumn 2 2015

KS2 Home Learning Autumn 1 2015


Welcome to Class 3/4S with Mrs Stacey, Mrs Wainman
and Mrs Thomas

River Rangers

Our Year 4 children have been involved in a very exciting project with The Worcestershire Wildlife Trust called River Rangers. They have been learning about how we use water and completed an audit of the sources and uses of water within our school. The children have found this a very valuable enhancement to their learning within the Science curriculum and will be far more aware of how they use the water available to them and what they put down the sink!

On Monday 21st March all of the children spent the afternoon at Catshill Village Meadow sampling the water in Battlefield Brook. They kick sampled and used identication charts to assess the different creatures found within their samples. This indicated the quality of the water running through Battlefield Brook. We identified lots and lots of shrimps, some carrying their offspring around with them. 

March 2016
During the week beginning Monday 7th March we studied volcano poetry to link in with our topic work. As the week progressed the children wrote their own poems about volcanoes. Here are just a small sample of the ones they wrote. Their vocabulary choices and their use of personification amazed me. Take a look for yourself.


The volcano


The volcano is asleep, twitching slowly and dribbling words

Its grumbling tummy is fat, jerking and kicking

The volcano is yawning and stretching quietly

The volcano keeps its mouth shut while its asleep and snores gently


Who dares to awaken the volcano it said

The volcano spits scalding boiling hot words out violently

It fires scalding words out its big mouth loudly

Who wakes the beast inside me it says angrily

The volcano is furious and in a grumpy, angry black mood.


Connor Thompson-Parry


The volcano


Silently sleeping, the volcano belching up smoke

Slowly deep down stirring the belly rumbles

Silently spitting out particles out of the enormous mouth

Gently pushing up a think black cloud like steam coming out of a kettle


Deep in its belly it is grumbling and burping up lava

Shooting out a big black cloud of rage

Coming out like a gun shot

Kian Devon

The volcano

Snoring gently

Twisting and twitching quietly

A belly that lies deep underground

Kicking and vibrating

The beast awakens

Spewing out boiling hot, angry words

Rumbling with anger

Spurting out words with fury

Ash comes belching out the top

Suddenly burning rocks fly out the top with burning rage

Lava comes stretching and heaving out the sides

The beast inside ha come back

The beast growls so loud the world rumbles.


Beth Cook



The volcano


The volcano sleeps calm and sits there very still

Sleeping soundly moving slightly on the soft squishy grass

Asleep wriggling and snoring loudly

Curled up in the rock and grass gently puffed up

Bubbling up inside, laid gently slushing from side to side

It jerks and kicks gently snoring loudly

Smoke steaming up in the air turning grey and black

All of a sudden it rumbles noisily

Then shakes faster and faster and full of anger it is erupting

Spewing hot temper bursting out flames

Tumbling rocks dashing down through the hot steaming lava

Watch out its burning down everything

Underneath the brown volcano lava makes its way through

Splish splosh there is burning fiery lava everywhere


Lydia Davies



Spring 2016

Happy new year to everyone. It looks like it is going to be a very busy one!

Our topic for this term is Enter the Nile and is all about Ancient Egypt.

Friday 8th January. We look forward to holding our Mummification workshop this Friday.


On Friday 8th January, Egyptian Mummies invaded the school hall at Catshill First School. But don’t worry nobody was hurt as it was part of a workshop that KS2 children and staff organised for their parents. As part of the workshop, parents were asked to bring in a toilet roll which was the cause of much excitement and curiosity!


During the morning, the parents participated in a range of activities with their children including; designing their own canopic jars; writing their names in hieroglyphics and ordering the instructions for ‘How to Mummify a Pharaoh’. They were ably aided by the KS2 children who, during the week, had learnt how to become a mummifier and were now able to train their parents.

At the end of the morning, the parents were then able with to turn the children in to real life mummies! Here are some photographs to celebrate the fantastic and fun morning had by all who were able to attend.




October 2015

Year 4 were lucky enough to take part in a Bikeability course. During the day the children learnt about bike safety and maintainence. They each received a certificate to aknowledge their participation.




September 2015

Mrs Stacey's maths set love a good problem! This one was called Dicey Addition.


Autumn 2015
We were very lucky to have Sue Hubband visit school. Sue is a published author, and she chatted with the children about ideas for her new book. We will have to wait and see if any of our ideas make it to print.



Summer 1 2015
On Monday 13th April, KS2 visited the Catshill Predator Museum held in our very own Hall! 
We spent nearly an hour and half exploring books, images, key words, videos and objects so that we could fully immerse ourselves in our new topic. 
It was a great way to get engaged in our topic and we all learned lots. Have a look in our classrooms and books to see just some of what we found out. 
The staff were very proud of how KS2 conducted themselves in the museum and cannot wait to see what all the children learn from our trip to the West Midlands Safari Park later this week.



STOP PRESS!    Katie has received an exciting parcel from George Ezra after sending him a letter as part of her home learning. View the Advertiser article here.


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